There’s nothing quite like a Minnesota summer. The smell of fresh cut grass, enjoying a boat ride and embracing the warm breeze on the lake and most importantly, let’s not forget about the hot summer sun. There is something so special when you wake up and see the sun shining through your windows—-But sometimes the sun can be an annoyance. It raises the temperature in your home making your HVAC system run harder, it can fade your furniture, flooring and artwork and it can cause strain on your eyes with the harsh glare. Luckily, with 3M Window Films you are able to combat these issues and stay cool, comfortable and efficient.


Blinds and shades are definitely an option, but you don’t always want to block your view. That’s where window films play a large role. They allow the light in, but block out the harmful uv rays, reduce the heat and glare and can even help lower your energy bill. It’s a win-win situation! Click the link below to check out a local case study with 3M Window Film.


3M Window Film Case Study


-Sun Control Staff