Operating a hotel is all about providing your guests with comfort, luxury, and a restful night’s sleep. From providing your guests with comfortable pillows and bedding to offering them room service, every detail matters when you’re giving your guests a memorable experience. And that memorable experience begins in your hotel lobby.

Decorative window film helps to reduce the solar radiation that comes into your hotel lobby, creating a more comfortable space for guests. It also prevents UV rays from bleaching out your furnishings so they’ll look crisp and new longer. In this post from Sun Control of Minnesota, we’re taking a closer look at decorative window film ideas for hotel lobbies. To design your custom decorative window film, give Sun Control a call today.

  1. Fabric Window Film Pattern

For a sophisticated look that replicates the look of real fabric, we can install a decorative window film patterned after fabric. Understated and attractive fabric patterns include burlap, buckram, and linen. For added privacy, choose a fabric design that is almost completely opaque. Or go with a less opaque option to allow plenty of natural sunlight to filter into your lobby.

  1. Geometric or Striped Pattern

Geometric designs and striped patterns are a chic way to add to the decorative look of your hotel lobby. We can create a grid design, vertical or horizontal stripes, or even a custom geometric pattern that adds privacy and comfort to your space.

  1. Gradation Design

With a gradation design, you can control the level of privacy through varying opacity with center gradation to give guests a higher level of privacy in the middle of the glass at eye level. Gradation designs are available in a wide range of textures and colors.

  1. Opaque or Matte Design

With an opaque or matte design, you can transform your glass with a custom look that is frosted, matte, or glossy. Choose from almost limitless color designs from neutral to white in any opacity level to give your guests a higher level of privacy.

Order Your Custom Window Film from Sun Control

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