These days, it’s more important than ever to reinforce your vehicle against criminals looking for an easy target and quick payday. Even if you’ve got a good alarm system on your ride, a smash-and-grab style theft only takes a matter of seconds. That’s why 3M invented automotive security film to give drivers the same level of protection 3M offers homeowners with their residential security film.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we install a complete range of commercial, home, and automotive window films including automotive security film. In this post, we’re breaking down how car window security film works and why you need it for your ride. To schedule your car window film installation, give us a call.

What is Automotive Security Film?

Security film for car windows is specifically designed to make glass harder to break. This means that it takes longer for thieves to break through your glass, and any criminals looking for an easy target are likely to move on. It also reduces the chance that glass will shatter when you’re involved in an automotive accident, which means you and your passengers will be safer while you’re out on the road.

Here are a few key things to know about car window security film works:

  • Even when glass is shattered, it stays in place so everyone inside your vehicle stays safe.
  • Automotive security film uses non-metalized window film so your mobile phone, satellite radio, and GPS will work just fine.
  • 3M security film blocks up to 99% of UV light so your car’s interior and your passengers will be protected against damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Car window security film helps to reduce glare, which means it will be safer and more comfortable to drive in bright sunlight and snowy conditions.
  • Security film is available in various tint levels so you can enjoy increased privacy and keep your personal items hidden from prying eyes.
  • You’ll enjoy an overall reduction in solar energy inside your vehicle, which adds up to a safer and more comfortable ride on hot days.
  • 3M car window security film is virtually maintenance-free and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Schedule Your Security Film Installation Today

If you’re looking for ways to make your ride safer, a good car alarm system is a great place to start. But your vehicle will be even safer with the added security of car window security film from Sun Control of Minnesota. Call 651.490.1060 or contact us online to schedule your automotive window film installation services today.