There’s nothing like a home with plenty of windows filling the living space with natural daylight. But when that light is too much at certain times of day, you’re left with limited options. If you install heavy drapes, you’re blocking your beautiful sunlight, and blinds can interfere with the view.

Fortunately, there’s a better option with decorative window privacy film from Sun Control of Minnesota. Completely customizable and available in almost any color, pattern, or design, decorative window film is a clean, attractive, and versatile alternative to traditional window coverings. Check out some of the benefits of decorative film below and then give Sun Control a call to discuss window film options for your Minnesota home!

  1. It’s aesthetically pleasing.

From ombre gradients to custom film resembling etched glass, there is practically no limit to the customization potential of decorative window film. Decorative film functions as a design element in its own right and is versatile and attractive enough to completely transform your living space or blend in quietly depending on the design.

  1. You’ll enjoy added privacy.

A large window is a gift when it means you get lots of soft natural light in your home. But some spaces require an extra degree of privacy, and decorative window film gives you the privacy you need without sacrificing your sunlight.

  1. It’s easy to maintain.

Unlike custom glass, which requires extra care and cleaning due to the uneven surface of the glass, decorative window film is extremely simple to keep clean. Simply wipe it down with a gentle ammonia-free glass cleaner to clean.

  1. It’s energy-efficient.

Our decorative window film can help to reduce your cooling costs by keeping most of the solar heat from entering your home. You’ll enjoy a more comfortable home and reduce your household’s environmental footprint at the same time.

  1. It’s affordable.

Decorative window film gives you the same look and aesthetic of custom glass at a mere fraction of the price. And because it’s easy to remove and replace, you don’t have to replace the glass altogether when you want to change up the look in your home.

Call for Minnesota Decorative Window Film Installation

Whether you’re building a new home or you’re tired of the midday sun bleaching out your furnishings, Sun Control of Minnesota can help. To schedule your decorative window film installation, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or contact us online to learn more.