Picture the perfect cool autumn day here in the Twin Cities region. You’ve got the ideal oversized sweater and a warm cup of pumpkin spice coffee straight from the French press.

You put on your favorite playlist and settle into your favorite chair to take in the view of brilliant orange and yellow leaves drifting on the wind. But before long, the midday glare becomes insufferable, and the beam of solar heat reflected through the window isn’t helping. Frustrated, you close the blinds, darkening the inside of your home and shutting out the lovely autumn view.

But what if there was a way to enjoy the beauty of nature without having to worry about solar glare and heat? There is! Thanks to 3M residential window tinting, you don’t have to give up your sunlight and view anymore.

In this post from Sun Control, we’re breaking down the top benefits of 3M hone window film and why you should have it installed professionally instead of DIYing it.

What Exactly Is Home Window Tinting?

Window tinting basically involves applying a transparent sheet of film to existing windows. Besides being a low-cost alternative to energy-efficient windows, window tints are generally safer and help reduce the overall cost of your electricity bills.

Looking through a tinted window is essentially like looking through a window while wearing a really expensive pair of sunglasses.

Benefits of a Home Window Tint

Here are some of the benefits of getting your windows tinted!

Keep Things Cool

On a warm fall day or summertime, the solar heat coming through your windows can increase your home’s temperature. This can lead to inconsistent temperatures inside your home and even escalate your heating and cooling costs. Sun Control window tint reduces solar heat, which can save on your utility expenses and make your home more comfortable throughout the year.

Say Goodbye to Glare

If your living room faces south, the midday glare can make using the computer feel like an Olympic event. And watching the news can involve a complex dance of tilting the television every so often to reduce the glare as much as possible for as long as you can. With window film from Sun Control, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in solar glare without losing the daylight that brightens up your room.

Protect Your Home

3M residential window tinting can be combined with our safety and security film to offer greater protection against glass shattering. Not only does this keep your family safer in the event of a natural disaster, but it also protects against unwanted intruders.

Eliminate UV Damage

Have you ever moved your rug or a chair while sweeping only to realize there’s a darker spot beneath it? Any school kid knows if you put a leaf on a piece of construction paper and leave it in the sun, you’ll end up with solar bleaching around the leaf, and the same principle can damage your interior furnishings. By reducing the amount of UV light inside your home, our 3M residential window tinting helps you protect your art, furniture, and other belongings.

Less Use Of Energy 

Perhaps the reason why window tints are so popular among homeowners is that they help cut down on your electricity bills. Traditional windows allow heat from the sun to penetrate inside the rooms, which can significantly raise the temperature in your room.

Since window tints can help block the heat penetrating through your windows, you won’t have to keep the air conditioner on constantly.


There are tons of window film options you can get your hands on. Some may offer UV protection, while others provide privacy.

A tinted window film provides extra privacy since it helps shield the view from the outside while also looking aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Why Should You Have Home Window Tint Professionally Installed?

While DIY projects may seem fun, they don't always look professional, especially if you have no prior experience. Here’s why you should install a window tint from professionals!

They Know the Right Products

Unless you are a frequent window film installer, there's little chance that you know a whole lot about window films — for instance; the brand to choose, the quality, and the features to look for.

What’s more, most films you’ll find on the market will likely be less durable and thinner compared to the 3M window tints that professional companies use.

They Are Faster

Doing the projects yourself may take a lot more time than you expect. Installing a window film is not as easy as it seems. The films need to be cut to the perfect size before being applied to windows, and attaching each piece could take several hours.

Moreover, you need to be extra careful to avoid any bubbles and wrinkles, which can take even more of your time. Hiring professionals means you can enjoy quality tinted windows without any added hassle.

They Provide Quality

If this is your first time applying a window tint, you will probably not get the perfect finish on your first try. Professionals, on the other hand, take immense care in applying the tint carefully to avoid any bubbles, wrinkles, or tears.

Additionally, a smooth finish will not be possible without cleaning the surface first. And this is the kind of technical detail that only professionals are usually familiar with.

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