As a Twin Cities area property manager or business owner, security is high on your list of priorities. And essential to every good security plan is a brightly lit exterior no matter what time of day or night. If you haven’t spent much time thinking about your exterior lighting or made the switch from conventional lights to LED wall pack lighting, now is a great time to make it happen.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, our commercial lighting services for Twin Cities businesses include high-end window lighting, garage lighting, parking lots, interiors, and LED wall packs. In this blog entry, we’re breaking down some of the top reasons to invest in wall pack LED lighting for your business. To find out more or schedule your wall pack installation, give us a call today.

Benefits of Wall Pack LED Lighting

Wall pack lights are the type of lighting found outdoors on a building’s exterior walls. Wall pack lights are meant to increase visibility and security for pedestrians and vehicles, keeping customers and employees safe while decreasing company liability. While LED lights have already become the gold standard for both interior and exterior lighting, many companies have put off making the switch.

If your business falls into that category, here are a few reasons you shouldn’t put off installation wall pack LED lighting any longer:

  1. LED lights are more affordable to maintain.

One of the biggest benefits of LED lights is how long they last. Unlike conventional lights, which need to be replaced regularly, an LED may last as long as 80,000 hours or even longer.

  1. You’ll save on energy costs.

LEDs can reduce your energy consumption and related costs by as much as 60%. Depending on the size of your business, that can add up exponentially over the years. And because LEDs use much less electricity than other types of lighting, you’re reducing your energy footprint at the same time.

  1. LEDs perform better than conventional lights.

HID and other types of conventional exterior lights tend to have a bright spot directly underneath them but otherwise be poorly distributed. Wall pack LED lighting, on the other hand, uses a more precise design that can be distributed evenly to increase security. LEDs also provide better clarity and color rendering, making it easier to capture images on security cameras when you need to.

Get Your Twin Cities Wall Pack LED Lighting

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