A vinyl wrap for your car is a great way to add a custom design without ruining the paint underneath. When they’re well-maintained, they’re also durable enough to withstand everything from bird droppings to solar damage.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we specialize in installing 3M vehicle wrap and paint protection film. In this post, we’re sharing tips for maintaining your vehicle wrap. With the right products and a little hard work, you can keep your vehicle wrap looking great longer. Contact Sun Control to schedule your vinyl wrap installation today.

Washing Your Vehicle

A car with a vinyl wrap should be cleaned regularly. Be sure to rinse contaminants and dirt regularly. The longer you leave these on your vinyl wrap, the more difficult they may be to remove. Try to rinse what you can using a water spray. When soap is needed, you can wash with non-abrasive detergent and a clean, soft sponge or washcloth and then rinse as thoroughly as possible using clean water. After cleaning, use a squeegee to clear off any excess water before drying the surface with a gentle microfiber cloth.

Hand washing is preferred to pressure washing. However, pressure washing can be applied if the water pressure is less than 180° F and 2000 psi. Maintain a 40° angle spray while keeping the nozzle a minimum of a foot away from graphics at a perpendicular angle. However, use caution around graphics as these can lift under the pressure of a nozzle.

It’s perfectly safe to run your vehicle wrap through an automatic car wash. However, touchless car washes are safest if your vehicle wrap includes graphics as the brushes can cause the graphics to lift, dull, or become scratched. Avoid using coatings like wax over the vinyl wrap.

Cleaning Difficult Contaminants

Certain contaminants like these can be difficult to remove from vinyl wraps:

  • Bird droppings
  • Bug splatter
  • Tree sap
  • Food and beverage

To remove these and other difficult to remove contaminants from your vehicle wrap, use hot, soapy water to soak them thoroughly for several minutes. Avoid using any abrasive materials on the wrap as this may cause damage. If fuel is spilled on your vinyl wrap, be sure to rinse it off immediately as it could also degrade the wrap.

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