With record highs all over the country this summer, keeping your home cool on a sunny day is becoming more of a challenge than ever. If you’ve ever burned your skin on a seatbelt on a hot summer day or seen your home furnishings bleached by sunlight, you know why so many people invest in window tinting.

Unfortunately, with all of the amateur window tint installers out there these days, there is far too much misinformation circulating about residential and automotive window tinting. In this post, our team of installers at Sun Control is breaking down and debunking some of the most common myths and misconceptions about window tinting. To find out more about window tint solutions for your Minnesota home, business, or vehicle, call and connect with our installers today.

These are some of the top myths and misconceptions about window tinting:

  1. Window film is only needed on sunny, warm-weather days.

One of the most surprising things most people don’t know about window film is that it works just as hard during the winter as it does during the summer months. That’s because window film helps to reduce heat transfer all the time.

That means even during Minnesota’s most bitter winter weather, window tint helps to keep warm air inside a home or vehicle where it helps maintain comfort levels. Window film also helps to reduce glare inside a home or vehicle, which can be especially useful during the winter months when the ground is covered in snow.

  1. Window tinting must be dark to work.

3M automotive and residential window tinting is available in all levels of darkness and doesn’t need to be dark to filter light. That’s because our film uses advanced technology to target specific types of visible and infrared light. You’ll enjoy less heat, UV exposure, and glare without giving up your sunlight and view.

  1. Window tint is completely breakage-proof.

If you look around online long enough, you’re likely to run into an unscrupulous amateur window tint installer or two, and one of their favorite claims is that their tint prevents broken windows altogether. While no window tint exists that can provide a guarantee against breakage, many shatterproof options are available. You can also expect 3M films to provide a higher level of protection against breakage than windows alone.

  1. There aren’t many choices available.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about window tint. Our window tint is available in a wide range of tint shades and security levels. We also offer an almost limitless decorative window film selection for added privacy in an attractive design that adds value to your home or business. From gradient designs to the look of real stained glass, we can help you customize a look that you’ll love.

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