When you want to make a great impression on your clients, every detail of your office is important. Investing in attractive furnishings and high-performance commercial window tinting can help complete the look, but one of the best things you can do is use signage intentionally. Whether you’re outfitting a large corporate facility or a small business, think of signage as an extension of your branding, setting the tone for the image you hope to convey.

In this post from Sun Control of Minnesota, we’re sharing creative ways to implement custom signage in your workplace. Contact our graphic design team to get started on yours today!

Getting Started

When you’re looking at custom signage solutions for your office, start by thinking about your organizational goals, objectives, and desired image. Color, design, graphics, and location can all play a role in how clients and employees experience your operation.

A solid signage design can accomplish a number of goals, including:

  • Helping clients find their way around your building
  • Presenting company values
  • Creating a more welcoming environment

Creative Signage Ideas

After considering your signage goals, take a look around your office for necessary signs that would improve your work environment. Here are a few creative ideas to consider when deciding on a signage plan:

  1. Use Clever Naming

One way businesses are reinforcing their brand and creating a more welcoming space is by renaming conference rooms and common areas to reflect the brand identity. Try naming each meeting room for a famous figure in your industry or a local landmark. Instead of Conference Room A, imagine your signs directing clients to the Fitzgerald Room or Vermilion Hall, for example.

  1. Announce Your Vision

Remind your clients and your team what you’re there to accomplish every day by designing an attractive sign with your mission statement or objectives. Use traditional signage or wall wraps to create the aesthetic design that best supports your branding.

  1. Use Branded Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs are essential for helping clients and guests navigate your space. Our graphic design team can help you create wayfinding signage that reflects your branding with colors, fonts, and images.

  1. Decorate With Murals

Liven up your office with an attractive backdrop. Create a more attractive and relaxing work environment by using wall wraps and decorative window film to add custom murals to your office.

  1.  Use Vinyl Nameplates

Give your office a unified look while helping clients and teammates reach the right destination with custom vinyl name signage in place of traditional nameplates. Work with our graphic design team to integrate your branding for a clean, attractive appeal.

Order Your Twin Cities Custom Signage

For a professional look that stands out in any field, custom graphics are a solid investment. If you’re looking for creative ways to use custom signage in your office, call Sun Control at 651.490.1060 or contact us online to connect with our designers.