When your windows are covered in heavy drapes, you might as well not even have a window. If your home could use a little more privacy but you don’t want to lose your light, installing decorative window film is a beautiful solution. For a stunning look that filters color into your home, consider installing window film with the genuine look of stained glass.

Decorative stained glass also looks fantastic when used on glass. For a unique look in the kitchen, stained glass window film also looks great when applied to kitchen cabinets.

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The Beauty of Stained Glass

Since they were first created in the medieval period, stained glass panels have been used to fill buildings with color and light. But today, stained glass panels aren’t just for churches and Victorian homes. These days, they’re considered an attractive architectural design for all types of homes. They look especially lovely when used for transom windows and sidelites around a front entrance. They’re also perfect for adding charm to doors and glass cabinets. Although custom stained glass can be rather costly, 3M decorative window film offers a cost-effective alternative.

Choosing a Design

One of the benefits of choosing decorative window film is its design versatility. There is almost no limit to the design possibilities. To design your glass window film, you’ll have a few decisions to make.


The level of desired opacity will determine how much privacy a stained glass window offers. However, a more opaque window will reduce the level of light that’s permitted to enter your home. Gradient glass is also an option.


Choose from a wide range of patterns when designing your stained glass with options like woven or linen finishes.


The dominant and secondary color of your stained glass should match the look of your home’s interior. Consider the decor and style of your home when deciding on a color and style for your window.

Order a Decorative Window Film Stained Glass Pattern

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