What’s on your walls? At Sun Control of Minnesota, our custom signage design team looks at a blank wall as an opportunity. Whether you operate a bakery, a salon, an office, or a dental clinic, wall wraps let you transform blank walls into impactful art.

In this post, we’re breaking down some of the best ideas for wall wraps we’ve encountered. Check out these amazing mural ideas and then contact our storefront graphic design pros to order your custom wall wraps today!

  1. Brand Identity

Why not use your mural to reinforce your company’s branding? The key to a solid brand identity is getting customers to associate a certain font and color palette with a particular set of emotions. This simple psychological tool is proven to help customers identify with a particular brand.

Think about the most recognizable branding like Starbucks and Coca-Cola, and then create a mural that reflects your company’s unique brand identity with a quote or visuals in a specific color palette and font.

  1. Scenic Views

Cityscapes and landscapes are a popular way to fill your space and create an engaging, Instagram-worthy backdrop without feeling too invasive or marketing-focused. Calm your patients’ nerves with relaxing seascapes in a doctor’s office, or motivate your employees with an energetic city scene. The possibilities are practically limitless!

  1. Fabulous Fonts

There’s just something fantastic about an inspiring quote or a great tagline. Does your company have a values statement or inspiring message to convey? Choose a font that reflects your company’s image and blast your message across the wall in an attractive wall wrap.

  1. Kid-Friendly Wall Wraps

Whether you operate a pediatric clinic, a nursery, or a toy store, there’s nothing like a touch of whimsy to make kids feel relaxed and welcome. Use the principles of color theory to create a calming environment, avoiding bright reds while leaning into happy yellows, comforting blues and greens, and creative purples.

Choose a fun theme with animals like zoo-inspired or jungle-themed wall wraps. To encourage imagination and creative play, try a fantasy theme using dragons, mermaids, or unicorns. Or challenge their young minds by taking them into outer space or under the sea.

Order Your Custom Wall Wraps Today!

When it comes to retail and commercial business success, bare walls are a missed opportunity. At Sun Control of Minnesota, our custom graphic design team can help you create wall wraps that send the right message about your business. To schedule your design consultation and get started on custom murals your clients will love, call Sun Control 651.490.1060, or contact us online today!