When you work with the public, protecting your customers and employees is one of your most important priorities. There are a number of great options available to protect your facility from “smash-and-grab” style burglaries and other types of impacts. But when it comes down to it, most products that are touted as “shatterproof” can only resist impact and projectiles up to a point.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, our commercial window tinting technicians offer a next-level building security solution that’s a cut above most security films with DefenseLite. Here’s what to know about DefenseLite security glazing.

Beyond Commercial Window Tinting

For many commercial and retail applications, 3M commercial window tinting is an effective solution that combines UV protection with security. 3M security and safety films can be combined with other types of window film solutions and can block out heat while protecting against impacts and vandalism. They also slow down unwanted intruders by increasing the time and effort it takes to penetrate a facility.

But for facilities that may be more vulnerable to potential threats, an added layer of protection is needed. Hospitals, government buildings, hotels, and corporate office buildings require an additional layer of defense against intrusion. That’s where DefenseLite comes in. DefenseLite is a polycarbonate security shield that goes a few steps beyond traditional commercial window tinting and security film.

DefenseLite security glazing is an ideal solution for all of the following applications:

●        Nurses’ stations

●        Essential entrances and windows

●        High target areas

●        Hotel security

●        And more

How DefenseLite Works

DefenseLite overglaze panels can be retrofitted to your facility’s existing frames. When your windows are attacked or impacted, the DefenseLite system deflects energy away, protecting the glass underneath. DefenseLite also uses a vented extrusion system that prevents condensation buildup within the glass so you don’t have to worry about moisture buildup.

These are just a few ways DefenseLite protects your facility:

●        Prevents glass-related damage and vandalism

●        Prevents unwanted intrusion through glass

●        Protects your inventory from smash-and-grab theft

●        Is a more attractive alternative to gates and grills

●        Protects against UV and infrared rays

●        Helps to insulate your facility

●        Limits noise pollution and sound transfer

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