When you run a retail business, you’ve got plenty of options when creating your marketing strategy. But if you’re not taking advantage of storefront window graphics, you’re missing out on an important opportunity.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, our custom graphics services include storefront graphic design. With the help of our professional graphic design team, you can transform the blank space of your windows into an interesting and eye-catching display to boost your sales. Check out the top reasons to invest in professional storefront graphics and then call to schedule your graphic installation today!

1.   Highlight Your Location

When you’re looking for a McDonald’s, you don’t have to look very hard for those golden arches. But if you’ve ever had trouble finding a storefront because of poor signage, you understand the importance of making your store as visible as possible. Storefront graphics help to promote your brand identity while working as a landmark for your store, making it easy for customers to find you and remember your location.

2.   Emphasize the Correct Entrance

If your store is located in a strip mall or has more than one entrance, finding the right entrance can be more challenging than you might expect. Storefront graphics can be used as directional signage with arrows and/or text to draw your customers to the correct entrance and give them a more convenient experience. “Please use other door” and “Entrance” may seem like minor details, but they can go a long way in making customers comfortable and happy while shopping your store.

3.   Engage Customers

Innovative and eye-catching storefront graphics are an excellent way to create interest in your store. Pedestrians are often intrigued by interesting storefront graphics. If they love your signage and branding, they’ll be more interested in checking out what you’ve got going on inside the store.

4.   Add a Layer of Privacy

Some types of storefronts can benefit from adding a layer of privacy with storefront graphics. Frosted window graphics can be combined with custom designs to give your customers an additional level of privacy so they can more comfortably enjoy your store. We work with all types of retail establishments to meet their privacy needs with storefront graphics and commercial window tinting including gyms, restaurants, salons, and more.

Order Your Edina Storefront Graphics

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