Is window glare sabotaging your workplace productivity? Computers and retail store registers can mirror the midday sun, making it hard to see and causing eye discomfort or even headaches. Commercial window tinting from 3M lets you enjoy a glare-free work environment without sacrificing your view.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we offer a wide range of professional window tinting options for automotive, commercial, and residential applications. In this post, we’re breaking down the many ways our commercial window film helps to protect your investment. To learn more about commercial window tinting, give us a call today!

Benefits of Commercial Tint

Whether you run a small retail store or you lease out a multi-story office building to commercial tenants, commercial tint offers a wide range of benefits. With commercial window tint, sunlight is redirected and diffused deeper into the facility.

In a typical office or building, as high as 28 percent of energy costs are due to window solar heat gain. However, energy costs are much lower in buildings with window tint installed.    

Here are a few more benefits of commercial window tinting:

●        Clear films don’t interfere with natural light or view

●        Offers superior sun protection

●        Prevents uneven temperatures caused by solar heat

●        Increase building tenant comfort levels

●        Enhance privacy with darker or reflective tint

●        Protects furnishings and floors from fading

●        Payback as soon as three years

●        Reduces environmental footprint

Thinsulate™ Invisible Protection

3M uses Thinsulate™ insulating solar reflecting technology to keep buildings cooler in the summer months and warmer in winter. Solar heat from the sun can make parts of a building too hot, forcing HVAC systems to work much harder to cool the facility. With the power of Thinsulate™, our window films reject as much as 79 percent of solar heat, creating a more comfortable and functional workspace. During the winter, windows can cost a building 20 times more heat than adjacent walls. However, Thinsulate™ helps to retain warmth within the facility, reducing cold spots and the window’s impact on your heater.

Impact Protection

Window performance against breakage is a key part of any building’s security envelope. Broken glass can disrupt operations and create an unsafe environment for occupants. 3M Safety Window Film and Impact Protection Systems minimize property damage and injury to employees and guests due to natural disasters and other glass-related hazards.

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