There’s nothing quite like a well-designed window to create a focal point inside your home. But if you want a little more privacy, you don’t have to sacrifice your sunshine with heavy drapes that require regular cleaning or the dusting nightmare of blinds. For a cleaner, more minimalist solution, more homeowners are turning to decorative window film.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we partner with 3M residential window tinting solutions to provide beautiful decorative window film for Bloomington homes. In this post, we’re sharing some of our favorite unconventional decorative window film solutions for residential windows. Give us a call to find out about decorative window film options for your home!

1.   Bathroom Privacy

One of the great challenges of bathroom design is how to get the natural light of a window without compromising privacy. One common solution is to place opaque frosted window film on the lower half of the window only or on the entire window. Decorative window film is also an excellent way to add more privacy to a glass shower door.

2.   Kitchen Cabinet Looks

Glass cabinets are common in older homes, but if you don’t want to display everything inside of them, try adding decorative window film. Frosted or etched film looks attractive with a wide range of kitchen designs. Or add flair to your kitchen while displaying your dishes with carefully-placed stained glass decorative window film.

3.   Front Door Designs

Do you have a glass window in your front door? Keep prying eyes from looking into your home with privacy decorative window film. Acid-etched glass looks, popularized in the 1800s, are especially stunning for front door designs. If you have a transom window inside your home or above your front door, decorative window film in the style of stained glass can turn your door or window into a unique feature.

4.   Two-Way Mirror

With reflective decorative window film, you can look outside without worrying about others looking in. The beauty of this design is that it reflects the beauty of your landscape and doesn’t compromise your view with thick drapes, curtains, or blinds.

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