If you’re like us, you love the feel of the open road from behind the wheel of your ride, especially on a bluebird morning when the weather is just right for rolled-down windows. But winter in Minnesota isn’t always so friendly for our paint jobs.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we partner with 3M to offer the superior protection of Scotchgard Paint Protection Film. With a self-healing property that clears up minor scratches in the film, our PPF can keep your car looking showroom fresh even after a tough Minnesota winter.

In this post, we’re breaking down the basics of how our PPF works and some of the ways it can protect your paint job. Give us a call to schedule your paint protection film service today!

First, here are a few fast facts about our Paint Protection Pro Series:

●        It’s only installed by professional 3M certified installers.

●        It’s backed with a powerful 10-year warranty.

●        It’s virtually invisible and won’t alter the appearance of your ride.

●        It’s highly resistant to yellowing with exceptional clarity.

●        It protects your ride against chips, scratches, and paint. 

●        PPF can be installed anywhere on your car, or just on specific areas like hoods, bumpers, and mirror backs.

Protecting Your Paint

When you think about paint job damage, you probably think about chips and scratches in the paint. But there are also some surprising culprits that can damage your paint job. Here are a few common causes of paint damage our PPF can protect against:

1.      Bird Droppings: Bird droppings contain uric acid with a pH level of between 3 to 4.5. This corrosive pH level can damage your car’s paint job.

2.      Tree Sap: Have you ever parked under a tree to take advantage of nature’s canopy on a hot day only to later find your car covered with sap? While sap won’t cause damage to your paint job if removed immediately, if it’s ignored, it can discolor or stain your paint.

3.      Bug Damage: Much like bird droppings, bug debris is acidic and can leave your paint job pockmarked. Dead insects also create a breeding ground for bacteria that can damage your paint job.

4.      Road Tar: It’s great when the city is fixing up damaged roads. But if your tires pick up newly paved tar and it ends up on your paint, it can be nearly impossible to remove without damaging your paint job.

5.      Flying Debris: Sand, gravel, and salt from the road can get flung up from other drivers’ tires, scratching your paint.

Schedule Your Paint Protection Film Service

If you love your paint job and you’re worried about scratches on the door handle or road debris, call our cosmetic auto services at Sun Control of Minnesota. We can also install protective film on your commercial fleet.

To schedule your paint protection film service, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or contact us online today.