Even though summer is quickly coming to an end and you may not be thinking about the sun in the next coming months—you should still consider protecting your investments and yourself. While most everyday windows filter UVB rays, the UVA rays still penetrate through the glass. These harmful UV rays cause your furniture to fade or deteriorate and they also damage the skin’s DNA which causes aging and can lead to cancer. But when protecting with 3M Window Films, you are receiving the best of the best. These films block out 99% of both UVA and UVB rays and come in clear or tinted options.


What Causes Fading?

There are three major causes when it comes to fading. The UV rays, solar heat, and the visible light. The more you can combat all three, the better protection you will have against fading.  Window films block 99% of the UV rays which is the largest factor with fading.


***While window films help prolong fading, the won’t stop it completely.



Besides Fading, How Else Can You Benefit From Window Film?

You can reduce heat gain by as much as 78%—increasing comfort, and reducing utility bills.  Harsh glare can be cut without darkening your home and you can increase privacy from curious onlookers. Another bonus? Window Films help shatter proof your glass to protect you from flying glass during accidents.



–Sun Control Staff