If you’ve spent much time online, you’ve probably seen a few examples of bad fonts that change the way a business name reads. There’s nothing like a poorly designed sign or an obvious punctuation error to undermine a company’s professional image.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, our custom signage team works with businesses throughout Bloomington and surrounding areas to design effective, professional custom signage. In this post, we’re breaking down some of the most common signage design mistakes we help customers avoid. Give us a call to order your custom signage today!

1.   Poor Font Choice

If you’re not a professional graphic designer, you may not spend much time thinking about font choice. Most people tend to go with what they like when choosing a font for their advertising. However, the wrong font choice can make your words hard to read or send a message that contradicts the image you’re trying to project. Bad fonts are also prone to spacing issues that can make words look like something other than what was intended.

When in doubt, avoid the fancier fonts and instead, use fonts that are clear and easy to read. You can’t go wrong with a classic font design because they’re easy to read and send a serious, professional message.

2.   Wrong Font Size

Your lettering should be sized and balanced so that it can easily be read and understood. For example, signs meant to be viewed at 100 feet should have about a 4” letter height, while signs viewed at 250 feet require a 10” letter height to be read clearly. The sign itself should also be appropriately sized for the purpose it's meant to serve.

3.   Overdone Art

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make with their signage is to create overly complicated sign art or logos. Remember that your goal should be to send a clear message to your audience, a task that can often be accomplished with fonts and colors that promote your branding. At Sun Control, our custom signage team can use your ideas as a foundation to create signage that’s easier to read and understand.

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