The new year is finally here at last, and we’re all looking forward to great things in 2021 after some of the challenges that 2020 had in store. The turn of the new year is a perfect time to think about making big changes like taking on healthy new habits. While we tend to think about making personal resolutions like committing to regular workouts or cutting out sugar, why not look for ways to make your office a healthier place to be?

If you’re looking for ways to improve your workspace in 2021, a great place to start is with 3M commercial window film. Just as healthy eating habits can transform your body’s energy level, appearance, and even the way you feel, commercial window film can transform your office in a number of ways.

In this post from Sun Control of Minnesota, we’ll break down the reasons you should consider commercial window film for your Twin Cities office this year. Give us a call to schedule your commercial window tinting installation today!

A Makeover for Your Building

3M commercial window tinting will make your office building look and feel better, creating a better environment for employees and clients alike. 3M window film works to reject up to 79% of the sun’s solar heat, making it easier to control temperatures in your office. Your employees and customers will be more comfortable on even the hottest days.

But comfort is just one of the many benefits you’ll get with 3M window film installation. Here are a few more reasons to love 3M commercial window tinting:

●      Reduce Your Energy Bills

According to the experts, up to 33% of your building’s cooling costs may be caused by solar heat gain through your office windows. Commercial window tinting cuts down on solar heat gain dramatically, cutting energy costs and reducing your building’s environmental footprint at the same time.

●      Cut Down on Glare

Midday glare is one of the most frustrating office workspace problems. Glare can cause discomfort and headaches while impacting productivity. Starting at a monitor in the sunlight can also be challenging. Stop squinting for good with reduced glare from 3M commercial window tinting.

●      Reinforce Your Windows

By adding 3M security film to your office windows, you can protect your building’s occupants against glass breakage due to weather, natural disasters, and break-ins. 

Twin Cities Commercial Window Tinting

If you’re looking for ways to make your Twin Cities office more comfortable and productive in 2021, contact Sun Control of Minnesota about 3M commercial window tinting. Schedule your 3M commercial film installation by calling 651.490.1060, or contact us online to find out more about window tinting options from Sun Control today.