Big, beautiful windows are a delight, especially if you live close to nature where you get to experience the splendor of Minnesota’s natural flora and fauna. Unfortunately, larger windows, especially those found on modern homes, can be bad news for birds.


During both daylight and evening hours, birds have difficulty seeing these windows and try to fly into them, striking the glass and losing their lives in the process. Fortunately, if you’re a wildlife lover that doesn’t want to harm birds, there is a solution that lets you keep your natural sunlight. In this post from Sun Control of Minnesota, we’ll break down how decorative window film offers a unique solution to protecting wildlife without giving up your windows. Give us a call to order decorative window film for your home!

For the Birds

Why do birds fly into glass? Experts say there are several key reasons:


●        Light inside your home can confuse migratory birds.

●        The oblique angles of glass can create a reflective quality, making it look like the sky is ahead of them and camouflaging glass so birds can’t see it.

●        Birds are following what looks like a clear flight path.

●        Glass is invisible to birds.


Unfortunately, when birds don’t see glass, they can fly right into it, often dying or becoming severely injured in the process. More than half of birds flying into windows won’t make it. For homeowners who care about wildlife, finding birds who have fallen victim to the glass illusion can be heartbreaking.

Preventing Glass-Related Injuries

Wildlife experts say the key to preventing glass-related animal injuries is to make glass visible to birds and other animals. But many of the solutions employed to protect birds, like tape strips and screens, can detract from the beauty of large windows. Or worse, they keep out the sunlight, one of the biggest draws of large windows.


Decorative window film offers an attractive way to enjoy natural sunlight while keeping birds and other wildlife safe. 3M, America’s most trusted manufacturer of residential window tinting, makes a wide range of stunning and elegant decorative window film solutions.


Here are just a few examples of decorative window film available from Sun Control:


●        Full-coverage frosted window films

●        Custom designs

●        Solid to transparent gradient

●        Light to dark gradient

●        Dark to light gradient

●        Stylized patterns

●        Color tint

Schedule Your Twin Cities Decorative Window Film Installation

If you’re looking for a way to protect wild birds around your home without compromising the beauty of your windows, our team at Sun Control can help. In addition to preventing bird injury, decorative window film also offers increased privacy and security.


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