Although it’s still November, it’s already beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Twin Cities. As families start to string up holiday lights and make their holiday lists, burglars are starting to stake out easy targets. Every year, there is a significant uptick in burglaries from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve as thieves take advantage of the holiday season.


Particularly common are smash-and-grab crimes where burglars look for vulnerable windows to break into and take off with easily pawned items like electronics. While it might seem like burglaries take place under the cover of night, most occur in broad daylight.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, our residential window tinting services include 3M security film installation for your Plymouth home. Here’s what you need to know about residential security film for your home.

Theft-Proofing Windows

Millions of break-ins take place each year across the country with a new one taking place every 20 seconds or so. Most break-ins are crimes of opportunity. Think of it like this: No burglar wants to risk getting caught if they can avoid it.


Criminals want to get in and get out, preferably with as much loot as possible. If a burglar tries to break a window and it’s difficult to smash, they’re going to move on to an easier target rather than risk getting caught. The longer they’re in the same location making noise, the greater their odds of getting arrested.


That’s where shatter-proof security window film comes in. The beauty of anti-shatter window film is that it holds glass together when it’s broken. If you’ve ever been in a car accident where the window stayed intact, you’re familiar with shatterproof coating. This type of residential window tinting makes it significantly harder for burglars to break into your home.

A Safer Window Overall

In addition to keeping burglars out, high-security residential window tinting makes your windows safer in a number of ways. Whether it’s caused by a falling limb or a stray baseball, broken glass can be dangerous when it shatters. No matter what the source of impact, your glass windows and doors will stay intact with an added layer of security film.


These are just some of the things shatterproof security film protects against:


●        Natural disasters

●        Hail

●        Wind

●        Accidents

Protect Your Plymouth Home With Residential Window Tinting

Keep your home, family, and property safe with high-performance security film from Sun Control of Minnesota and 3M. Our safety and security films make it difficult to penetrate glass, transforming your windows into a powerful forcefield. We can also install security glass on your vehicles for added protection while you’re out on the road.

To schedule your residential window tinting installation, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or contact us online to learn more about Edina window services for your home or vehicle.