What is your home like during the colder winter months? Is it a warm and toasty sanctuary from the frozen world outside? Or does your home stay cold, forcing your family to bundle up in layers trying to stay comfortable?


There are plenty of things you can do to try to upgrade your home’s insulation. But you may be surprised to learn that by adding residential window tint to your windows, you can increase your home’s comfort level throughout the year. At Sun Control of Minnesota, our window film installers can help you create solutions that uniquely fit your home. Here’s how 3M residential window film can make your Edina home more pleasant during the winter and summer months.

Reduce Your Heating Costs

If you’ve ever sat next to a poorly insulated window on a cold winter day, you’ve probably felt the cold just seeping right through the glass. Windows can compromise the thermal bubble that keeps heat inside your home and leaves the cold outside. 3M window films offer insulation against excessive temperatures from hot summer days to the coldest winter nights. It can also help to reduce your home energy costs by reducing your home’s energy footprint.

How Window Film Keeps Your Home Warm

Just as 3M window film works helps your window to reflect the light away from your home during the summer months, keeping your home cool, it helps keep heat in during winter. Instead, it disperses heat back into your home. This added insulation can have a small but noticeable impact on your energy bills that adds up over time. It’s comparable to upgrading your window from a single-pane window to a double-pane window.


Here are a few more winter benefits of residential window tinting:


●        Protects furniture by reflecting UV light that can cause fading and discoloration

●        Reduces glare on snowy or bright winter days

●        Creates a better view of the world outside

●        Protects against burglaries and break-ins by making windows shatterproof

●        Protects against impacts from weather or accidents

Year-Round Comfort

During the summer months, 3M residential window film helps to keep solar heat out of your home. Solar heat comes from both the visible and infrared light spectrums. 3M window films can reject as much as 97 percent of the infrared light spectrum and 60 percent of solar heat. This helps to maintain a more consistent temperature inside your home even in the hot summer months.

Order Residential Window Film for Your Edina Home

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to make your home more comfortable year-round, give us a call at Sun Control. We offer a wide selection of residential window films including security film and decorative film.


To schedule your home window film installation, call us at 651.490.1060, or contact us online to learn more about how we can improve the comfort of your Edina home.