There’s nothing like driving a new car home for the first time. From the new car smell to the pristine interior, everything about that first ride is memorable. But unfortunately, you know that from the moment you roll out onto the road, your car’s paint job is in danger of minor scratches and damage. Once you’ve put a few hundred miles on your car, it might still look great but the paint job will already begin to dull.


But did you know you can actually protect your car’s paint job with paint protection film service? At Sun Control of Minnesota, our professional 3M paint protection film experts have expertise in clear bra installation you can’t get anywhere else. In this post, we’ll explain why 3M experts are the best choice for your car’s paint protection.

How Paint Protection Film Works

Clear paint protection film, also known as clear bra, is designed to prevent damage from the elements. A professional installer can apply paint protection film to your entire vehicle. 3M films are available in a matte or clear film to protect against chips, rocks, insects, road debris, weather, and other minor damage and keep your car looking better longer. 3M paint protective film is formulated using a high-strength backing that is resistant to tears, abrasions, punctures, moisture, and heat. It’s also self-healing.


Here are a few of the areas clear bra can protect on your vehicle:


●        Leading hood edge

●        Full hood

●        Bumpers

●        Fender panels

●        Rocker panels

●        Painted side mirrors

●        Door handle cavities

●        Trunk ledge

●        Door edges

Available in Matte or Clear Film

3M clear paint protection film is a durable solution for standard paint protection. We also offer the matte series. Matte film creates an attractive satin matte finish that matches most matte paint jobs and transforms gloss paint into a matte finish. Matte film is available in either a full car wrap or in customized parts. It offers the same self-healing and protective technology of standard clear bra. Both products are backed by a powerful warranty.

Edina Professional 3M Paint Protection Film Service

When you purchase your vehicle, the dealer may try to upsell you on paint protective film. Rather than purchasing your clear bra at the car dealer, it’s best to use a 3M certified paint protection film service. 3M uses a highly specialized network of distributor partners and offers advanced training as well as technical support.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we are proud to partner with 3M on paint protection film service. To schedule your paint protection film installation, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or contact us online to learn more.