There’s nothing like the smell and look of a brand-new car. But for those of us who appreciate classic rides, we know that there’s just something about an older vehicle that isn’t replicated on modern assembly lines. Maybe it’s the craftsmanship and the care that went into the design of a classic car. Or perhaps it’s just the experience of connecting with an era that’s long past and getting further in the rearview mirror every day.


Whatever it is that makes us connect with a classic vehicle, the challenge we face is how to keep that car looking good without keeping it stored away out of sight. Did you know that automotive window tinting service can help you keep your classic ride free looking great? Check out this blog from Sun Control of Minnesota and then give us a call to schedule your auto window tint service.

To Tint or Not to Tint

It’s almost a given that most car owners prefer to tint modern vehicles. Window tint is more comfortable for driving around town, after all. But the decision isn’t so easy when it comes to classic cars. Many purists are concerned about adding any kind of a modification to a classic ride. They look at any type of alteration as a change that takes away from the car’s original look.


However, it’s important to note that window tint is a fairly simple and straightforward modification. Unlike repainting or replacing a car’s components, window tint is also reversible if you change your mind down the road. 3M automotive window tint is also available in a wide range of tint levels that all have the same benefit.

The Benefits of Auto Window Tinting Service

The benefits of applying auto window tint to a vehicle are extensive. Here are a few of the top ways car tint can help preserve your classic ride:


●      Reduce AC Wear

If your car has its original air conditioner, you want it to last as long as possible before it needs to be repaired. By blocking most of the sun’s heat, window tint reduces the strain on your car’s air conditioner. This also helps to reduce fuel consumption, an added plus on some of these older gas guzzlers.

●      Protect Interior

In addition to solar heat, the sun’s UV rays can damage your interior. Adding window tint protects your seats and interior from fading and color damage.

●      Drive Safer

Window tint can also help to reduce the effect of solar glare, making it safe for you to drive and lessening the chances of an accident that could damage your car’s body.

Call Us For Automotive Window Tinting Service

Whether your idea of a classic ride is a ‘59 Studebaker Hawk or a ‘67 Impala, window tint will help to keep it looking great years from now. 3M automotive window film is one of the best investments you can make in your ride.


We can also install protective film for your classic ride. To schedule your window tint or paint protection film installation, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or contact us online to learn more about our cosmetic auto services today.