As a retail store owner or manager, you want to do everything you can to boost sales. One cost-effective way to boost your bottom line is through point-of-purchase signs. Point-of-sale signs have generated a lot of buzz recently in the marketing world because they’re an effective and affordable way for retail stores to sell products. In this post from Sun Control of Minnesota, we’ll talk about the value of point-of-purchase signs and how you can use them to increase your store’s sales. Give us a call to design your custom point-of-sale signs.

What are Point-of-Purchase Signs?

When you’re out shopping, you see point-of-purchase (POP) signs just about everywhere you go. Anytime you see a sign inviting you to join a store’s special rebate club, you’ve encountered a point-of-sale sign. When these signs are placed near any place where customers are making purchase decisions, these are designated as point-of-purchase signs. It’s almost intuitive to place signs in many of these locations, which is why store owners have been practicing this as long as there have been stores.


Here are a few examples of points of purchase where you might find POP signs located:


●        Adjacent to the checkout lane

●        At the sales counter

●        Endcaps

●        Located on the floor

●        Hanging from the ceiling

Harnessing the Power of POP

The concept behind POP signage is simple: to encourage consumer purchasing decisions. To make the best use of POP signs, begin by deciding on your sales priorities. Do you want to influence your customers to purchase add-on products? Are you trying to build your brand identity and develop a following?


Once you’ve decided on your goals, it’s time to think about customization. The great thing about POP signage is that you can create almost any type of display imaginable. POP signage can be designed in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and design formats.


Here’s why POP signage works:


1.      It targets customers who already intend to make a purchase.

2.      POP signage is a proven way to influence purchase decisions.

3.      It keeps customers engaged while they’re waiting.

4.      It makes use of empty space.

5.      It helps connect customers with products they’ll love that they otherwise might not have tried.

Order Your Custom Signage from Sun Control of Minnesota

Are you making the most out of empty space? Could your retail sales use a push? Our graphic design team can help you create POP signage that encourages customers to try out products and helps increase your sales. Whether your goal is to draw attention to a new product, support a promotion, or keep customers engaged, we can help you connect with them. To connect with a member of our design team, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or contact us online to learn more about Bloomington custom signage today.