Are your household energy costs where they should be? If your monthly energy bills are coming in higher than expected and you’re tired of dumping money into your utilities, your house is less efficient than it should be. One of the most common causes of energy use is solar heat. One way to make your home more sustainable is to add 3M residential window film to your home.


In this post from the residential window tinting pros at Sun Control of Minnesota, we’ll talk about the green benefits of residential window film. Check out this guide and then give us a call to schedule your window film installation.

3M’s Sustainable Commitment

Two years ago, 3M residential window tinting manufacturer made a global commitment to sustainability in its Sustainability Value Commitment. This commitment represents a global initiative to incorporate sustainable values into its global core culture.


Through this sustainability drive, 3M recognized that today’s consumers are looking for more ways to reduce their carbon footprints. All 3M window film products are built with reduced energy consumption through lighting control and temperature reduction as core objectives. Besides continuing to improve their current products, 3M is committed to innovation in future products aimed at reducing consumer footprints even further.

How 3M Film Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

A home’s windows are one of its primary sources of heat loss. When heat escapes, a home needs more energy to keep up. 3M products reflect solar heat, making the interior of a home more comfortable in the summer. They also prevent heat loss during the colder months. Not only does this reduce the amount of energy consumed, but it also makes a home’s internal temperature more comfortable no matter what the weather is outdoors. It also adds up to reduced energy costs for consumers.


Residential window tinting also offers the following advantages:


●        UV ray protection to prevent fading and skin damage

●        99 percent of solar ray blocking

●        Reduced glare

●        Natural lighting without having to rely on blackout curtains

●        Redirected lighting for added comfort levels

●        Added security against vandalism, forced industry, and dangerous weather

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