It’s summertime, and there’s nothing quite like taking your car out for a drive on the open road when the sun is high with your radio turned up. If you’ve got a great ride, taking your car out on the highway is one of the purest pleasures in life. But if your car has a beautiful paint job, fear of damaging it with nicks and scratches from rocks and debris on the highway can keep you at home. If only there was a way to protect your car so it will continue to look just as good as it did when it rolled off the showroom floor!


Fortunately, such a product exists. In this post, our 3M film experts at Sun Control of Minnesota will talk about the value of installing paint protection film on your vehicle and how it can protect your ride.

What is Paint Protection Film?

When you buy a new mobile phone, one of the first things you do is to add a protective phone cover to protect the glass. That’s because a phone is meant to be used heavily, and no matter how careful you are, eventually, your phone could get dropped, cracked, or damaged. Paint protection film essentially serves the same purpose for your car as your phone cover does for your phone, protecting it from scratches and minor damage. Like your phone, minor damage to your car can expand and worsen, which is why the best approach is to avoid it entirely.


Paint protective film can protect against:


●        Bird droppings

●        Mineral deposits

●        Insect splatter

●        UV fading

●        Scratches and chips

●        Stains

How Paint Protection Film Service Works

Paint protection film is a type of clear, durable film that’s professionally installed onto a vehicle to create a protective barrier. 3M paint protection film is virtually invisible and equipped with self-healing technology. It conforms to the contours and shapes of your vehicle and resists tears and damage, which means your car will be protected longer. You won’t need to perform any special maintenance on your car and can wash it just as you would without the clear protective film layer.

Order Your Minnetonka Paint Protection Film Today

If concern about keeping your car looking good is keeping you from making the most out of your ride, paint protection film is a simple solution that helps protect your car’s value. With 3M paint protection film, vulnerable areas like your car’s trunk, mirror backs, fenders, bumper, trunk ledge, and door edges will remain free of unsightly chips.


Whether you’re driving a class car or you just want to maintain your vehicle’s value, 3M film is an investment in your ride. We can also install protective film on your commercial fleet. To schedule your paint protection film installation, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or contact us online to learn more about Minnetonka cosmetic auto services today.