Brainstorming on how you can protect your investment? Skip the bubble wrap and bring on 3M’s Paint Protection Film and Window Films. Paint protection film is a virtually clear urethane film that offers unrivaled protection from almost anything the outside world can throw at it. And window films? Not only will they protect your interior from fading and cracking, but they also protect you and your occupants while driving. Window films block out 99% of the harmful UV rays and help hold shattered glass together.


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Protect with Paint Protection Film

The weather, rocks, sand, road debris, and bug acids eat away at your vehicle’s front end every day. 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Films are designed to help protect your car from harsh conditions that may damage your paint finish. This film also has a self healing top coat to keep your film looking newer.



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Automotive Window Film.

Just another reason we love 3M Window Films. Our customer took this photo after a rock hit the window while she was driving. Thankfully, the window film kept the glass in place—keeping her child safe that was sitting the in seat next to the shattered window.



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—Sun Control Staff