When you’re in the process of building your Minnetonka dream home, it’s a chance to start fresh and create a home that’s perfectly suited to your daily lifestyle. As you make decisions about home components like siding, roofs, and windows, there are plenty of factors to take into account.


One of the foremost is the visual appeal of every detail you choose to invest in as you put together your home. You’re also considering energy efficiency and how the comfort level inside your home will be impacted by these decisions.


In addition to all of these concerns, home security is likely to be one of your top considerations. In this blog entry from Sun Control of Minnesota, we’ll share advice from our residential window tinting team on creating a more secure new construction home with window film.

The Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

One of the best investments you can make as you create your dream home is to invest in high-performance residential window tinting. Window film does so much more than simply darken your windows.


Quality window film from 3M can actually create a more comfortable temperature inside your home by helping to regulate the exchange of solar heat. It’s also an affordable way to reduce your energy costs. In addition, the right window film can help to protect your windows against impacts and intruders.

Preventing Burglary

As a homeowner, keeping intruders out of your home is always a concern. There are plenty of important steps you can take from adding a doorbell camera to a monitored alarm system. Adding residential security film to your home adds another layer of security to your home.


Most burglars aren’t the kind of criminal masterminds that are often featured in films. In most cases, they’re looking for an easy score with very little effort and risk involved. Security film works by making it very difficult to quickly break through windows, slowing burglars down and causing them to draw attention to themselves.


Security film can also protect your home against the following:

●        Storm damage

●        Accidental glass breakage

●        Natural disasters

Call Our Minnetonka Residential Window Tinting Pros

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we can help you choose the right residential window tinting combination for your new construction home in Minnetonka or surrounding areas. In addition to security film, we offer decorative window film to add privacy and enhance the design of your home. Our solar window film solutions can help you reduce the exchange of heat so your home stays more comfortable and your furnishings are less likely to fade.

To learn more about our residential window tinting solutions, connect with our team at Sun Control of Minnesota by calling us at 651.490.1060. Or you can contact us online to schedule your new construction window film installation today.