When you walk by a storefront window, what type of window designs tend to catch your eye? You’ve probably walked past a bare window or two over the years and felt less than encouraged to check out what’s inside. When a business owner makes good use of their storefront windows, the designs can range from eye-catching to simply spectacular. The best storefront windows invite patrons in to find out more, while spare windows, on the other hand, represent a missed opportunity to connect and share your brand.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, our decorative window tint pros can help you make the most of your retail windows with graphics designed to grab your customers’ attention. In this blog post, we’ll share our most engaging storefront graphic ideas to use in your retail space.

Upgrading Your Storefront Window

Let’s face it: customers notice great design and windows that really pop. Bright colors and well-designed marketing is more attractive and appealing than the alternative. When used skillfully on your storefront window or on window signage inside your store, it can stand out and help promote the right products.


Follow these tips to use custom signs and storefront graphics to your advantage:

1.   Take Advantage of Unused Glass.

Every glass space around your business represents a possible opportunity for engagement. Storefront windows are an obvious location. But if your establishment has any glass walls on its interior or glass panels inside, these are a great place to add window film with promotional images.

2.   Use Special Promotional Displays.

If you’re thinking of introducing a new promotion, product, or discount, a custom display can provide the ideal solution to promote it. In addition to custom window film, we also create banners and signage meant to encourage point-of-sale add-ons and splurges.

3.   Keep it Fresh.

One of the biggest mistakes store owners make is to recycle or continue using old displays indefinitely. Even if they still look good, customers benefit from seeing something new. Change up your store’s graphics every now and then with custom banners or displays.

Contact Our Bloomington Commercial Window Film Pros

One of the keys to business promotion in the Digital Age is creating a strong brand identity and reinforcing it every chance you get. This extends from social media to your website to even your storefront.


To reinforce your brand identity and help your customers remember and engage with your brand, call our window tint pros at Sun Control of Minnesota today. Speak with one of our commercial window film experts by giving us a call at 651.490.1060, or contact us online to learn more.