Imagine your best day in business. Customers are lined up to buy the products everyone else has been raving about. Your employees are busily serving guests at their registers with a smile. But instead of smiling, they’re squinting in discomfort and sweating from the heat.


When bright windows make your shop or restaurant uncomfortable, our Twin Cities window tint experts at Sun Control of Minnesota can help. In a retail establishment, window film can add up to longer shopping times and happier guests. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about how window tint can make your customers and employees more comfortable in any commercial establishment.

A More Comfortable Business

If you’re tired of the glare while you try to input product information or your guests avoid the window section because of the heat and light, there are a few solutions you may consider. You can install blinds, but these block the view inside your business.


They also detract from the overall look of your business. If you’re looking for a window solution that doesn’t break up the view but makes your business more comfortable, window tint is the perfect solution you’re looking for.


Here’s why:

1.   It’s Easily Installed.

Unlike window treatments and blinds, no extra hardware is needed with professional commercial window tint installation. We simply measure your windows and then prepare a section of window film that’s the perfect size for your business. Our experts will make sure your windows are clean before tint application. We also offer security film in addition to sun control tinting.

2.   It Looks Great.

Untinted windows tend to show every little chip, smudge, and spot. Dark windows are much sleeker. At the same time, they don’t interfere with the view from outside your business, so customers get a completely unobstructed view of what you have to offer.

3.   It Reduces Heat and Glare.

After we’ve installed your custom window tint, the solar heat will be immediately reduced as it filters through your windows. Customers and employees alike will be comfortable anywhere in your store. And if you’re tired of faded furnishings and products from the sun’s rays, window tint will make them a thing of the past thanks to overall UV reduction.

Call Our Bloomington Commercial Window Tinting Team

Are you tired of products located near the front of your store becoming faded and washed out from the sun? Do you dream of lower energy bills and a more pleasant temperature in your restaurant or retail business?


If you answered yes, give our commercial window film pros at Sun Control of Minnesota a call. To speak with a member of our team, call us at 651.490.1060, or you can contact us online to discuss window solutions for your business.