When you’re planning security solutions for your business, it can be difficult to know where to start. The best security solutions are multifaceted, incorporating a comprehensive approach using security innovations including exterior lighting to protect your business. Good exterior lighting is integral to keeping your customers and employees safe while protecting your property and facilities. One of the most common exterior lighting solutions is wall pack lighting.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, our custom signage and lighting pros work with Bloomington business owners to design lighting solutions uniquely designed for their operations. In this post, we’ll talk about LED wall pack lighting and how it works to protect your business.

What is Wall Pack Lighting?

Put simply, wall pack lighting is a type of bright exterior LED lighting that can be mounted on the outside of a building. Wall pack lights make it easier for your customers to drive or walk through the grounds while adding the peace of mind that comes with brighter lighting around your building. Traditionally, wall pack lighting consisted of mercury vapor or dark yellow sodium vapor lighting.


Today’s LED lighting is a cut above these older lighting solutions in a number of ways:


●        Better color visibility

●        Better light distribution

●        No warm-up time required

●        Less expensive maintenance and operation

●        Replace far less frequently

●        Excellent warranties

Added Layer of Protection

When you install LED wall pack lighting from Sun Control, you also get the added bonus of free regular checks on your lighting. We’ll check on your lights to make sure everything is working properly once per month at no additional charge. If something needs to be addressed, we’ll call with a free estimate to get you back on track as quickly as possible.


If your facility has an older lighting system, we offer retrofitting to help reduce the expense of transitioning to a more efficient wall pack system. When possible, we’ll help you take advantage of rebates from your energy company.

Modern Wall Pack Lighting Solutions and Custom Signage

If you’re ready to update the exterior lighting for your Bloomington business, we can work with you to create a lighting solution that works for your needs. We also offer a wide range of solutions for commercial businesses including custom signage from our in-house designers, storefront graphics, and vehicle wraps for fleets.


We’re taking extra precautions during this difficult time, and we’re happy to serve our community as an essential business. To connect with our team at Sun Control of Minnesota today, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or contact us online to discuss your exterior lighting needs.