More Americans are working at home than ever before as we all pull together to help keep our communities safe. For many, working from home can create a unique set of challenges from caring for families and managing schoolwork to staying on top of deadlines from home. Success in a home office begins with having an appropriate space to work in, something that can be difficult when lighting is not conducive to a productive workday.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we specialize in both commercial and residential lighting solutions using 3M window film. We offer a wide selection of window tinting solutions to help create ideal office lighting for working from home. Check out these great reasons 3M residential window tinting is the key to great lighting in your home office and then give us a call.

1.   A More Comfortable Workspace

Depending on the direction your home faces and the window configuration in your workspace, the sun can be unbearable even on a moderate day. When you’re away at the office all day, chances are good you don’t notice how hot some windows can make your home. By the time you get home, things have usually cooled off.


But when you’re spending all day every day working from home, you may notice how badly west-facing windows can heat up the room. 3M residential window tinting blocks most of this solar heat, creating a much more comfortable space in your home so you can focus on meeting those deadlines.

2.   Natural Sunlight Without the Glare

If your home has beautiful windows and a lovely view, the idea of letting in the sunlight can be a welcome one. But the glare from the midday sun can make working on a monitor, a necessity for most remote jobs, a challenge.


If the idea of closing the curtains and working in the dark seems less than inviting, don’t reach for the blinds just yet. Residential window tinting reduces the glare without taking away your natural sunlight or view.

3.   No More Faded Furnishings

If setting up your home office meant rearranging the furniture in a room with bright, open windows, you may have noticed fading on your floor or furniture. The sun’s UV light can actually bleach or discolor the furnishing in your home. With 3M residential window film, your furnishings, art, and flooring will look better longer without the discoloration caused by solar rays.

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Are you tired of squinting through Zoom meetings and tilting your monitor to decrease the glare? Today’s residential window film has come a long way from the dark window tinting of the past.


Enjoy complete UV and solar heat protection without losing your natural lighting. Window film from Sun Control also provides added security and is available in privacy options as well. Connect with a member of our window film installation team by calling us at 651.490.1060, or contact us online to learn more about our residential window film solutions today.