Have you ever been riding around in a hot car during the dead heat of summer? The experience can range from uncomfortable to downright miserable. Even with good air conditioning in your car, enough exposure to the sun’s direct rays can cause you to end up feeling dehydrated and in some cases, sunburned.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we specialize in installing 3M window tint in homes, cars, and businesses. Many Twin Cities car owners are surprised to learn that window tint can offer much more than a slicker-looking ride. Here’s how car window tinting can make your ride safer for your skin and more while you’re out on the road.

The Protective Power of 3M

3M window film was first developed in 1966 as a reflective window film product. Since then, 3M has solidified its reputation as the industry leader in innovative window film technology, developing multilayer window film products and continuously innovating. Today’s 3M window film technology integrates nanotechnology, coating, films, and adhesive to create cutting-edge window film that offers a safer, unobstructed view.

Enjoy a Clearer View

It has happened to all of us at one point or another. You’re driving in heavy mid-day traffic and you’re waiting to make a left turn, but the bright glare of the summer sun is blinding your view. This can lead to an outright dangerous situation for your car and everyone else on the road. And it’s not only a problem in summer—glares can happen anytime, and some of the worst glares occur when the ground is blanketed with snow every winter.


Installing car window tinting can reduce this glare dramatically while offering powerful SPF protection. That means no more awkward tans on just your driving arm.

Protect Your Car’s Occupants With Shatterproof Glass

Even a minor car accident can become serious if your glass is shattered. In addition to the benefit of window tint, 3M security film installed on the inside of the car protects against broken glass to keep your family from flying glass in the event of an accident. It also works as a thief-deterrent, making your car less of an easy target.


Here are a few more ways 3M car window tint makes a safer ride:


●        Rejects solar energy, keeping your car cooler

●        No phone or GPS interference

●        Improves night driving

Contact Our Duluth Auto Window Tinting Service

If you’re tired of coming home with a headache after running errands all day or you worry about the kids getting overheated in the back seat while you’re stuck in traffic, we can help. We offer a variety of car window tinting solutions for Duluth and Twin Cities drivers.


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