Sometimes a product is so good it’s everywhere you look. That’s the case with 3M window film, which has been leading the sun control film industry since 1966 when they received their first window film patent. These days, you can find 3M films installed nearly everywhere you go in every part of the world. Millions of buildings both commercial and residential rely on 3M film to protect their interior and provide added safety from intruders and vandals.

Our team of window film experts at Sun Control of Minnesota is proud to partner with 3M for its versatility and innovation. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about three of the top reasons you should consider installing residential window film in your home.

The Innovation of 3M

In the modern age, there are plenty of residential window film companies on the market. However, only one company is committed to continued industry innovations using existing technology in new ways for better solutions. 3M has long been an industry leader in films, adhesives, and coatings, which all come together in their residential window film solutions. 3M designs their films above and beyond the standards set by industry competitors, and every product is rigorously tested.

Here are seven more great reasons you should install 3M residential window film:

1. The Ultimate UV Protection

3M film is designed to block almost all of the sun’s UV light. It also reduces visible light and glare within your home while at the same time reducing solar heat. All of that adds up to reduced fading and interior damage to your floors, furniture, window coverings, and rugs. It’s also the ultimate SPF protection for your family.

2. A Powerful Warranty

A lifetime warranty can only take you so far if the company isn’t around in a decade or two. But 3M is a company that has been here and will continue to be here in the future. 3M warranties are so incredibly comprehensive because 3M and their partner companies like Sun Control believe in what they stand for. When you can count on your product to endure, you get it backed with a powerful warranty.

3. Better Security & Privacy

Your windows or glass doors are one of your home’s primary vulnerability points. 3M safety and security films help make glass much harder to break, either by extreme weather or potential robbers. That means your home will be harder to infiltrate, prompting potential burglars to look for easier targets and keeping your home safe from high winds and hail.

Tinted window films also boost your privacy by allowing you to see out but no one can see inside your home. It gives you more time to call the police or get to safety in the case of a burglary, but also prevents potential thieves from casing your home, too.

4. Reduction in Fading

While sunlight is definitely great for improving moods and boosting your Vitamin D, excessive exposure to UV rays can harm us in several ways. Besides affecting our health, those rays can also result in fading of furniture, carpets, wall paint, and other belongings.

The good news is that a good quality window film can prevent UV rays from entering your home. Best of all, you won’t have to keep replacing faded items, which can help save money.

5. A Boost in Energy Efficiency

A high-quality residential window film can help block around 50 to 70 percent of the solar energy passing through your windows. This will help keep the indoor environment comfortable during hot weather, reducing the need for cooling devices. This in turn helps you save a lot in terms of electricity bills.

6. Ease of Maintenance

Window films don’t require a lot of maintenance, so protecting your family and possessions doesn’t have to mean more work for you. Some regular cleaning and minor precautions will help keep your windows as good as new for a long time.

7. Beautiful Window Aesthetics

We usually neglect our windows while decorating our homes. Installing a window film with beautiful patterns can help give your place a new life. As a significantly less expensive option than installing stained glass windows, you can give your home a gorgeous window makeover with our decorative window films.

Design any style or pattern with a variety of colors and create one-of-a-kind displays that will wow your guests and make your home truly yours.

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