When your sun faces south, the level of sunlight you get during the daytime can be intense. It can be difficult to watch your favorite shows on TV or check your email with the sun’s bright glare on your screens.

At the same time, the visible and invisible spectrum of light is also doing a number on your home’s interior by causing fading to your floor and furnishings. It can also cause your home to be less comfortable during warm weather by increasing its internal temperature with solar heat.

If the sun in your home has you reaching for blackout curtains that block out your view and the light, our Sun Control of Minnesota window film pros can help. This blog post will talk about how our residential window film compares to blackout curtains and shades.

Deciding Between Shades and Residential Window Tinting

Both window film and shades have their advantages in design, but there’s a big difference between them when it comes to performance.

Here’s how they stack up on a few important points

1. Reducing Glare

Direct sunlight can make it difficult or impossible to finish your work or watch your favorite TV show. But if you close your curtains to block out the glare, you’ll have to contend with a darker interior inside your home, which means turning on lights and increased energy costs. Window film, on the other hand, gets rid of the glare and the brightness without costing you the light inside your home.

2. Reducing Solar Heat

When it comes to heat reduction, light-colored shades and curtains can be somewhat effective if completely closed. Darker shades may attract solar heat and release it into your home’s interior. But either way, you’re shutting out your view when you close them. However, 3M window film blocks most of the sun’s light, which means you’ll enjoy a reduction in heat and possibly lower energy costs.

3. Increasing Privacy

 Many homeowners choose curtains or shades for the added privacy inside their homes. Homeowners may not feel comfortable with the windows wide open, sharing a view inside their home with the neighbors. However, window films are available in various levels of privacy to prevent unwanted eyes from looking inside your home. Darker window film keeps prying eyes out without compromising the light inside your home.

4. Cost-Effective

Installing window shades is a tedious chore. You will require window shades and other installation tools heavier on your pocket. Comparatively, residential window tinting is a cheaper option. Besides, its installation takes less time, and with the help of window tint professionals, you can reliably place them on the windows.

5. Maintains Consistent Temperature Inside the House

When a significant amount of solar heat is blocked, your house’s interior would automatically become cooler. In addition, the temperature will feel nearly the same in every part of your house, no matter how much sunlight it receives.

6. Keeps Out UV Rays

Unlike window shades, window tints contribute enormously to preventing UV rays from entering the house. High-quality 3M window films can block up to 99% of the UV rays from the sun, keeping you safe from several types of skin diseases, including squamous cell carcinoma, aka skin cancer.

7. Adds Security

With house window tinting, it will become difficult for burglars to barge into your house by smashing the window. Since the film keeps the shattered glass in place, it is time-consuming for the thieves to force themselves in. Adding tints to your windows can also reduce the chances of smash-and-grab cases.

8. Intensifies the Aesthetic Appeal

Window tints can make your house look more appealing than the regular window shades. It brings a sleek look to the house, which can also increase its resale value.

9. Safety Against Accidental Breakage

This is another reason you should choose house window tinting over window shades. In case of an accident that leads to window breakage, the tint will keep you and your family safe. It will hold the broken shards in place to not create a mess upon impact.

Install Your 3M Twin Cities Residential Window Tinting

If you’re ready to enjoy the view without the inconvenience, window tinting is an ideal solution for your Twin Cities home. With the added benefit of increased security, residential window film protects your home and family while helping keep your energy costs down.

 Connect with our Sun Control of Minnesota residential window tint pros to learn more about our home window tint solutions. You can speak to a member of our team at 651.490.1060 or connect us online to discuss window film options for your home.