There’s nothing quite like the excitement of purchasing a new vehicle. The fun of showing off your ride for the first time to friends and coworkers can only be rivaled by the thrill of taking it out on the open road for that first drive around town. But from the moment you drive your car off the lot, it’s going to be subjected to the wear and tear of daily driving. You can’t wrap your car in bubble wrap or lock it away and enjoy it. Does that mean you have to resign yourself to the fact that the paint will eventually get damaged and seats will someday begin to fade from sun damage?


In this blog post, our automotive window tinting pros at Sun Control of Minnesota talk about two great tools for protecting your vehicle: car window tinting and paint protection film service.


The Hazards of Driving in Traffic

Whether your job requires a daily commute into the city or you’re simply driving the kids to school, your car is subjected to wear and tear every time you take it out of the garage. On the highway, it’s exposed to everything from bugs to road debris. But even when your car is sitting parked in a parking lot, it’s vulnerable to damage.


Have you ever noticed that over time, part of your car’s interior can become discolored or bleached? This is due to the sun’s rays, which have a bleaching effect on fabrics. If you’ve ever moved your furniture around the house only to notice a dark spot on the floor where the sofa was, it’s the same principle.


Paint Protection Film Service

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we offer a simple solution for protecting your vehicle from the road and elements: paint protection film. Durable 3M Scotchgard film provides a protective layer to prevent your paint from becoming damaged. It’s an invisible layer of clear urethane film that wraps around your vehicle and won’t interfere with the look of your paint. Its top coat is self-healing, which means it will look great longer. It will also protect your vehicle from these hazards and more:


●        Sand

●        Pebbles

●        Rain

●        Minor debris

●        Insect acids


Protective Window Film

In addition to paint protection film, we can also install automotive window tint to your windows to protect your car’s interior. Our 3M window film can not only dramatically reduce fading, but also help reduce the chance of cracking as well.


The same UV rays that damage your car’s interior are also damaging your skin over time. Protective window tint helps reduce that damage and protect your family. As an added benefit, it will help prevent shattering if you’re involved in a collision.


Contact Your Bloomington Automotive Window Tinting Service

If you’re hoping to keep your car looking as beautiful as possible for as long as possible, our St. Paul-based experts at Sun Control of Minnesota can help. By combining automotive window tint with paint protection film installation, you’re giving your car the best chance to maintain its value and appearance over time. You’re also taking important steps to keep your passengers safe while on the road.


To connect with a member of our automotive window film team, call us at 651.490.1060, or you can connect with us to discuss options for your vehicle.