3M window film is popular for a number of reasons. It’s useful for blocking many of visible and invisible solar rays that cause glare and heat in your home, lowering your home’s energy costs. It can also be used to help reduce fading on your home’s furnishings or add security by making glass more difficult to break. But there’s another great reason to use 3M film in your home or business: creating privacy.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of customized decorative window film solutions for Twin Cities homes and businesses. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about how window film can be used to help create additional privacy in your business or home.


3M Film Solutions

3M has been an innovator for well over a century, providing a large portfolio of engineering innovations for an impressive range of industries. One of the company’s most well-known innovations is film engineered for commercial and residential applications. These films are manufactured for more than just windows. They’re also used to protect industrial equipment, vehicles, and even traffic signs.


That same powerful engineering technology is used to create residential and commercial window film that adds security, reduces glare, lowers energy costs, and more. One of the lesser-known applications of 3M film is to create privacy and increase the appeal of interior spaces using designs that integrate light in intriguing ways.


Using 3M Film for Added Privacy

The main benefit of using 3M films to add privacy is their incredible versatility without shutting out all of the natural sunlight in a room. 3M decorative films are easily installed and highly durable polyester films. Homeowners and commercial business owners are using 3M films to add to the architectural appeal of a space by integrating custom designs, patterns, and styles.


Because they can be customized to create almost any look, 3M decorative films work well for creating the look of custom glass such as stained, texturized, or etched glass. They’re also a fraction of the price you’d spend on custom artisanal glass.


Here are just a few great places to add privacy film:


●        Bathroom windows

●        Shower doors

●        Partitions

●        Entry doors

●        Sidelites

●        Cabinet doors


Integrate our Twin Cities Decorative Film Solutions Into Your Home

Whether you’re redecorating or you’re just looking for ways to add privacy to a room in your home, decorative film gives you the privacy you need without closing off light. Create a bright, open space that isn’t dark or gloomy.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we’ll work with you to create a stunning design that will completely transform your home’s interior space. From beautiful frosted windows to full-color murals, the only limits are your imagination. Visit our online decorative graphics gallery to check out some of our past projects. Speak with our 3M decorative window film experts by calling 651.490.1060, or you can connect with us to find out more.