Have you ever moved the furniture around in your living room and realized your floor is fading? This happens because the sun’s UV rays are coming into your home and causing damage over time. Most of us understand the importance of applying sunscreen to our skin when we’re outdoors to protect against skin damage and cancer. But if your furnishings inside your home are fading from the sun’s UV rays, that means your skin is getting damaged, as well, even if it isn’t noticeable.


Fortunately, residential window tinting from Sun Control of Minnesota offers the protection you need to keep UV rays from harming your furnishings as well as your skin. In this article, we’ll talk about how our window film works to keep sun damage from taking its toll on your home, your car, and your skin.


The Many Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

Residential window films provide many benefits for homeowners. The damage caused inside your home is thanks to UVA and UVB rays. Window film from 3M has the ability to block 99 percent of both types of harmful rays.


Sun fading can cause damage throughout your home, including:


●        Carpet

●        Hardwood floors

●        Art

●        Wallpaper


Protecting Your Home

Window film acts like a layer of high-SPF sunscreen, which protects your skin from premature aging and exposure to cancer-causing sun damage. It also allows your home’s interior to maintain its original color and brightness without fading or discoloration in the long-term. You’ll also get rid of that unsightly glare that can make daytime TV watching or computer use a real headache. For an added benefit, you’ll experience less strain on your heating and cooling unit and added security against broken glass.


Protection Within Your Vehicle

If your home furnishings are fading, just think of the sun’s impact on your vehicle’s interior. Even in the Twin Cities, it’s not entirely uncommon to end up with a tan “driving arm.” This occurs because your left arm is exposed to sun through the glass of your car window while you drive.


Adding automotive window tinting to your vehicle virtually eliminates the possibility of sun damage, which means your car will retain its resale value better than it would with fading. You’ll also enjoy better protection against shattering if you’re ever involved in an auto collision.


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