If you’re thinking of adding decorative glass in your retail establishment, church, home, or commercial space, it’s a great way to add flair and style. Unfortunately, it can also be quite costly to replace the glass throughout a facility. Additionally, a style or window solution that looks great now might not stand up to the trend changes of the future, which means it may need to be replaced again. One cost-effective alternative to complete glass replacement is the application of decorative and glass enhancement films.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we offer a wide range of decorative films with almost limitless possibilities for design ideas. In this article, we’ll talk about a few of our decorative film solutions and how we can help you create a stunning, lasting, and affordable design for your windows.


Decorative Window Film Solutions

When you’re redesigning or redecorating a space, there are plenty of great ideas you can integrate into a new design from new furniture to changing up the signage and walls. If you’re considering ways to transform your space, don’t overlook the possibilities of window film.


With decorative film, you can completely transform a space by using customized graphic overlays made in-house at Sun Control of Minnesota. We offer design services, computer cutting, and full-color printing services to create any completely unique look you and your team can dream up. The best part is that it’s available at a mere fraction of the expense you’d spend on customized decorative or etched glass.


Here are a few ideas to consider using to liven up your space:


1.      Beautiful Frosted Windows - Frosted windows are a great way to get added privacy in both commercial and residential spaces. They work especially well in showers and bathrooms, allowing just the right amount of light in while creating a gentle ambiance.


2.      Etched Designs - Get the look of artisan craftsmanship you’d get with an etched glass window. Or consider adding a stained glass look to your windows.


3.      Full-Color Murals - If you work in a large, open office space with lots of glass, privacy can be in short supply. Consider using that glass as a canvas to create a stunning full-color decorative mural.


Connect With Your Twin Cities Decorative Window Film Professionals

Whether you’re looking for a way to spruce up your office or you’re hoping to create a dramatic new look in your home for a reasonable price, we’re eager to help. Our Twin Cities decorative window film experts can work with you to design a look that meets and exceeds your expectations right here in our office. With window film from Sun Control, you’ll also get added security and UV protection.


To get some ideas for transforming your space, check out our decorative graphics gallery. Our 3M commercial window film experts are waiting to hear from you at 651.490.1060, or you can connect with us to learn more about our decorative film solutions.