It’s hard to believe that not too long ago, we were all enjoying long days in the summer sun. Now that winter has fallen on the Twin Cities, it’s time to think about grabbing your warmest parka and gloves. As Minnesota residents, going to great lengths to stay warm and cozy during the long winter months is something we’ve all come to expect. Part of staying warm every winter means cranking up the dial on your home’s thermostat, which can backfire when your energy bills come in the mail.


If you thought window tint was just for keeping the sun out, you may be surprised to learn it can actually help keep you warm and cozy during the winter. In this article from our residential window tinting team at Sun Control of Minnesota, our Twin Cities window film professionals discuss how we can increase your winter energy savings.


The Added Expense of Winter Energy

Winter energy costs can add up in more than one way. First, by constantly running your heater, you’re going to end up using more energy, which can add up on your monthly bill. Even if you choose an average monthly payment plan, those winter energy costs can increase your bill overall throughout the year.


In addition to your monthly energy costs, running your HVAC system all the time can cause your system to have to work harder. That can mean more maintenance in the long run and cause your system to need repairs much sooner. The best way to lower your energy costs is by putting less strain on your system to begin with.


Lowering Your Energy Costs

There are several ways you can lower your energy costs—from adding thick curtains to checking your windows’ seals. But there’s a cost-effective option that many homeowners aren’t aware of: residential window film. Residential window tinting creates an added layer on your home’s windows, which helps block the heat in the summer and the sun’s UV rays that can cause interior fading.


Residential tint also helps your home to retain heat, saving on your winter heating expenses by reducing the transfer of heat from inside your home. It will also help keep your home more comfortable, which means you’ll have no problem gazing out at the snow from your favorite chair on frosty winter days.


Residential window tint allows you to:


●        Maintain a clear view

●        Enjoy an added level of privacy

●        Experience shatterproof glass protection


Call Our Twin Cities 3M Residential Window Tinting Experts

The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t mean your energy costs have to be. Our residential window tinting experts at Sun Control of Minnesota can assess your home’s energy needs and help you create the perfect combination of protective films.


To find out more about our residential window solutions, speak with a member of our 3M residential window film team at 651.490.1060, or connect with us on the web to learn more. We look forward to helping you experience energy savings this winter.