Before 3M film was invented, the options for limiting solar heat were fairly limited. One of the most common solutions for reflecting the light was a metallic spray, which was used to coat the glass and limit the transfer of heat. But these sprays were a challenge to install and would often streak, making them a less-than-ideal solution.


When 3M Window Film was created in 1966, the aim was to create a clear polyester product that met the same need. Since then, the applications for this product have expanded significantly, and today, 3M offers a wide range of window film solutions for homes, businesses, and automotive applications. In this post, our experienced window tinting team at Sun Control of Minnesota breaks down three of these window film solutions for homes and businesses.


1.      Prestige Film

Prestige film is an excellent window film for increasing energy efficiency in a building, which reduces your monthly energy expenses. Through the use of nanotechnology, Prestige performs at its top level of performance when the sun is hottest.


With Prestige, you’ll experience a lower level of reflectivity than with glass alone. In fact, Prestige rejects as much as 60 percent of the heat from a window. This film is incredibly light, allowing as much as 70 percent of the visible light spectrum to pass through the window and into your home or office while still blocking 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays. It also rejects 97 percent of the infrared light transmitted by the sun. Its powerful filtering of light also allows Prestige to maintain a more natural appearance.


2.      Night Vision Film

If you’re looking for a darker film, Night Vision offers an ideal solution. Rejecting as much as 71 percent of the sun’s solar heat and 99.9 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, Night Vision only allows 35 percent of visible light to pass through.


This adds up to the strongest glare reduction of any 3M film on the market. It also means you’ll enjoy better views at night while experiencing the most powerful daytime privacy of any window film due to the high levels of reflectivity Night Vision offers.


3.      Ceramic Film

Ceramic film from 3M employes nano-ceramic technology, which allows 50 percent of visible light to pass through. This slightly more tinted solution reduces the discomfort caused by light glare while still allowing plenty of light to pass through. You’ll enjoy an unimpeded view due to the low reflectivity and crystal clarity it offers. Ceramic film rejects as much as 80 percent of infrared light from the sun, blocking 99.9 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet light and allowing 50 percent of the visible light spectrum to pass through.


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