3M window film is an incredibly durable and innovative product for automotive, residential, and commercial windows. It is available in a number of products including window tint, security film, and decorative film. Knowing how to properly maintain your window film can help you keep yours looking great years down the road.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we love helping Twin Cities residents enjoy the powerful benefits of 3M film. In this post, we’ll discuss some basic tips for caring for your 3M window film. Follow this advice and you can expect your film to stand up to the test of time.


Caring for Your Automotive Window Film

3M window film is an investment in your car’s appearance even after years of commuting in the city. It protects your interior from harmful UV rays that can cause your seats and upholstery to fade. It also protects your passengers from possible skin damage and reduces glare, creating an overall safer environment while you’re out on the open road.


To maintain your car’s window film:


●        Wait three to five days after the film is installed to roll down your windows

●        Remove residue from animals and insects as soon as possible

●        Expect your car’s film to take some time to cure

●        Leave your car in the sun during the curing process to dry out any moisture

●        If any bubbling or cracks should appear, don’t hesitate to use your warranty

●        Clean your film using a soft cloth or squeegee, mild soap, and water

●        Avoid brushes and abrasive cleaners

●        Avoid cleaners high in alcohol or ammonia

●        Never use vinegar on your windows.


Maintaining Your Commercial or Residential Windows

Like automotive window tint, commercial and residential windows take a while to cure. Give your windows at least 30 days for the curing process to complete. Although your windows may appear a bit hazy at first, this moisture will disappear after the curing process has completed. You may also notice tiny particles or points even after the water bubbles have dried. These are an inherent component of the adhesive system and help your film to withstand high condensation and humidity.


When caring for your windows, follow this advice:

●        Use mild soap and water to clean your windows

●        Do not use an abrasive window cleaner

●        Avoid alcohol and ammonia

●        Avoid vinegar.

●        Clean using a squeegee or soft fabric cloth


Contact Your Twin Cities 3M Commercial and Residential Window Tinting Experts

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