There’s nothing quite like driving your new car for the first time. It’s incredibly exciting to drive around enjoying that new car smell and flashing your beautiful paint job. And why shouldn’t you? A car is an incredibly expensive purchase, and you deserve to enjoy it.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, one of our most popular cosmetic auto services is paint protection film to keep that paint job looking great years down the road. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can care for your paint protection film so it takes care of your car.


Introducing Paint Protection Film

Our paint protection film is a premium product that goes on over your vehicle’s existing coat of paint. It is an incredibly durable and high-grade urethane product that is also completely colorless. We apply this film to the highest impact areas of your vehicle so it can protect your paint from damage due to the weather or other road hazards. This fantastic product helps keep your car looking new so you can enjoy it longer and it retains its value.


Our paint protection film has many benefits:


●        Thick polymer material

●        Clear and never hazy or dull

●        Comes with a ten-year warranty

●        Lasts longer with routine care


Caring for Your Paint Protection Film

If your car has recently been equipped with 3M paint protection film, congratulations! That means your paint will look beautiful and free of damage from rock chips while you’re out on the road.


Follow these tips to keep it looking its best:


●        Avoid washing for one week day after your film is applied.

●        When insect and bird residue ends up on your car, wash it as soon as you’re able to.

●        Allow your film to cure for up to 30 days and understand that haziness or moisture during that time will eventually be gone.

●        Use your warranty in the unlikely case that any cracking, bubbling, or yellowing occurs.

●        Don’t forget to enjoy your beautiful paint job!



Get Your Twin Cities 3M Paint Protection Film

After you’ve invested in your vehicle, one of the best decisions you can make is protecting its paint with protective film. At Sun Control of Minnesota, we work with individual drivers and fleets of vehicles alike to help install paint protection film by 3M.


To learn more about our cosmetic auto services, visit our auto services gallery online. Then connect with a member of our cosmetic auto services team at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online to schedule your installation.