Although it can be a difficult subject to think about, one of the most important priorities to think about when it comes to our schools is the students’ safety. Unfortunately, the possibility of danger exists, and our kids are more likely to stay safe in the event of a crisis if we plan ahead. One solution many schools are beginning to integrate into their buildings is the installation of 3M security film. This film is not bulletproof, but it does add an extra layer of security against intrusion and functions as one more piece of the overall security plan.


At Sun Control Minnesota, we work with schools, churches, and homes in the Twin Cities area to add the extra security of 3M security film where it’s needed. In this post, we’ll discuss the film and talk about how it can help protect students while they’re at school.


3M Security Film and School Safety

3M is the most trusted manufacturer of high-performance window film and tinting. The 3M company has pledged to make school safety for staff and children one of their top priorities. Unfortunately, school intrusions and security incidents have been on the rise in recent years.


The first line of defense against an intruder on campus is keeping them out of the building to begin with. When windows can be easily broken, an alarm or lock system can only go so far in keeping intruders away from campus. By installing 3M products around a building and campus, schools are better able to provide a safe learning environment for students.


These are the main benefits of 3M film:


1.      It allows more time for first responders to arrive.

Individuals trapped inside a building and waiting on first responders to arrive need every second they can get. Because it works to effectively slow down intruders by making it hard to penetrate the perimeter of a campus or building, it gives those inside the building more time to wait on first responders to arrive.


2.      It mitigates the danger of shattered glass.

3M safety and security film was designed to keep glass from shattering. The 3M company has tested its product on a wide range of glazing types with various blast loads to determine how well it protects bystanders from flying glass.


3.      It is cost-effective and quick to install.

3M safety and security film is one of the most affordable security solutions. It costs significantly less than tempered glass and many other window protection options, and it can be easily installed.

4.      It helps to fortify a building’s entry points.

Windows are one of the most vulnerable points of entry on a building. Because 3M works to keep glass together, it hinders anyone who is attempting to break into the building and may even dissuade them from doing so.


Twin Cities 3M Security Window Film Services

Whether you’re a parent or a school teacher or administrator, you want to do everything you can to protect your students while they’re learning. By installing 3M safety and security film in the learning environment, you’re decreasing the chance that your students could be harmed if an intruder tries to enter the building.


Our team of 3M-certified security film experts at Sun Control of Minnesota can work with you to help you determine which film is the best option for your school. Give us a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online to discuss your installation needs.