When it comes to Minnesota’s weather, one thing we can all agree on is that it’s not always very predictable. Summer’s warm and balmy days last for only a short time, and winter seems to go on forever some years. But whether it’s cold or warm, these extreme temperatures can do a number on your HVAC system and make it hard to keep your home comfortable. For owners of commercial rental properties, the wear and tear on your HVAC system can add up to a sizeable expense over time.


Fortunately, our Sun Control Minnesota commercial window films can make your tenants more comfortable and keep the wear and tear on your system to a minimum. If you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your rental property, in this post we’ll break down some of the reasons you should consider installing commercial window tint.


Misunderstood Window Tint

When most people think of commercial window tint, they don’t always fully understand what that means in terms of the kind of film that’s available today. You might automatically assume, for instance, that all window tint is dark. Like most people, you’ll imagine it works simply by keeping the light out. But in fact, that’s not at all how commercial window tint works.


Unlike the dark tint some might choose to apply to their cars, 3M commercial window film applied to your window actually maintains your window’s natural clarity and appearance. This reduces glare, evens out the temperature inside your building, and blocks certain kinds of light that can damage the floors or furnishings in your rental property.


3M film can save you money in several ways:


●        Reduced energy costs for your facility

●        Longer-lasting flooring and paint

●        Less frequent need for HVAC repair

●        Less tenant turnover


In Pursuit of a Comfortable Workspace

One of the biggest challenges faced by commercial building owners in urban areas is how to improve the light filtering into a rental property without compromising the beautiful view. Many of the best rental properties in the greater Twin Cities area are coveted for their lovely views of the city, and dark window tint or window coverings would detract from that view.


However, an office space needs to be productive, and when employees are hot and uncomfortable due to the sun’s penetrating heat, productivity can lag. At the same time, glare from the windows can make the work environment far less comfortable. The best office spaces are housed in environments that prioritize employees’ and clients’ comfort. This presents administrators with the unique challenge of deciding how best to increase productivity and comfort in their office or work environment.


3M Sun Control Night Vision Series

Building owners often opt for mechanical solutions to block sunlight because they don’t realize there are better, often more affordable solutions. Mechanical applications like blinds and curtains can be more or less effective at blocking sunlight, but they can also need replacing over time. Mechanical solutions also require an ongoing investment for cleaning upkeep.


An ideal alternative solution to the office sunlight problem is 3M Sun Control Window Film Night Vision 15 or a similar 3M film solution. Night Vision 3M effectively reduces both glare and heat as well as providing a low interior reflection so the views your windows remain uncompromised.


Twin Cities 3M Commercial Window Tinting Services

If your goal is to draw tenants and keep your current ones longer, 3M window tint is an affordable and cost-effective solution. At Sun Control MN, we offer both decorative film and security film.


Check out our gallery to learn more about our film solutions. Then give our office a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online to schedule your consultation.