It might not seem that long ago since hybrid vehicles were a fairly new technology, but these days, they’re everywhere. Hybrid and electric vehicles have gone from being a novelty aimed at decreasing global fossil fuel use to becoming a standard feature for many new cars. The Tesla Model X is a prime example of how far hybrid tech has come with its perfect crash rating and high performance.


One of the biggest concerns hybrid owners face is with the limited range of a hybrid. Although they can be ideal for use in the city where drivers only go short distances, car owners with a further commute can find the limited range difficult to contend with. In this post, our team at Sun Control Minnesota share our secret for extending your hybrid’s range: automotive window tinting.


How Your AC Works

When you think about the battery in your electric or hybrid vehicle, you’re probably imagining energy used to power a drive across town. However, some of the power your battery puts out is needed to run the comfort systems of your vehicle. Those include your car’s sound system, lights, and its air conditioner.


Although the amount can vary from one vehicle to another, an air conditioner can use quite a bit of energy. Depending on how hard your air conditioner has to work to keep up with the heat, it can end up reducing your range between nine and 17 percent.


How Tint Extends Range

Many hybrid and electric vehicle owners are surprised to learn that automotive window tint can impact their vehicle’s range. However, the strain on a hybrid’s AC in warmer weather can end up using up more energy than you would when you’re driving with your air conditioning off.


Automotive window tint works to reduce the heat and UV coming into your vehicle. This reduces the strain on your vehicle’s air conditioning. In doing so, you’ll end up using less energy. The result is that you’ll be able to drive further without having to charge your vehicle.


Installing 3M Automotive Window Tint

Window film applied to your car’s windows can end up saving you money over time because it reduces your need to use the AC in your vehicle. It works by limiting most of the sun’s rays without compromising visibility. Over time, it can even end up paying for itself through the reduction in charging.


Window tint also has a few added benefits:


●        Reduced glare

●        Decreased UV damage to skin while in the car

●        Better visibility in snow

●        Decreased fading of seats and interior


Twin Cities 3M Automotive Window Tinting Services

If you live in the Twin Cities and drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, you need all the range you can get. Our 3M automotive window tint from Sun Control Minnesota is an affordable and cost-effective solution to give you a little extra range for your city commute.


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