Fall might be just around the corner, but summer days are still cooking here in Minnesota, and that means your AC is cranked up to cool your home. Anytime there’s a dramatic temperature outdoors, it can affect your home energy costs. As a homeowner, there are a few steps you can take to reduce your monthly costs. One often overlooked step is to add residential window tint to your home’s windows.

Our team of residential window tinting professionals at Sun Control of Minnesota specializes in providing homeowners with high-performance window tinting options. In this post, we’ll discuss how our window tinting can help you reduce your monthly and annual energy costs and save money.

Your HVAC System and Energy Costs

Your air conditioning unit keeps you comfortable during the summers. But excessive usage of these units is heavy on your pocket and costs excessive bills.

During midday, your air conditioner has to work extra hard to meet your home's cooling demands. If you could reduce the heat entering your residence, you could lower your cooling bills.

The best option for you to do that is to get a residential window tint installed. A window tint would prevent excessive sunlight from entering your house, thus increasing energy efficiency and lowering the electric bills.

Residential Window Tinting and Your Windows

One of the best ways to reduce the heat that enters your home is to install residential window tinting. Window tint helps limit the heat transfer through your windows by blocking most of the sun’s rays. In fact, it reduces your home’s energy costs by as much as 52 percent.

 It makes your home more comfortable and keeps the temperature consistent even throughout the day. That means your air conditioning unit won’t have to work any harder during the heat of the day. In addition to the energy savings to your home, your AC unit will experience less wear and tear, which means you can go longer without needing it serviced.

Residential window tint has many benefits:

●        Reduces glare

●        Adds shatterproof protection

●        Protects skin

●        Reduces fading on furniture, art, and floors

Natural Sunlight and Your Electricity Bills

Natural sunlight lightens up your home's environment, giving it a pleasant look. But more importantly, it limits the usage of artificial light that a bulb produces. Natural sunlight can help reduce your electricity bills significantly and keep your house comfortable and beautiful.

A window tint prevents excessive sunlight from entering your house and allows just the right amount of natural sunlight to enter.

A window tint functions in preventing excessive sunlight from entering by reflecting it in the exterior environment. It doesn't absorb the sunlight to allow the photons of the light to penetrate through and destroy the interior of your residence.

What Other Ways Can Window Tint Help My Residence?

Prevents UV Rays

Besides reducing the high costs of your electric bills, a window tint takes care of your health as well as the interior of your house.

Sunlight contains UV rays, electromagnetic radiations that are destructive in nature. UV rays not only cause various diseases such as cataracts and cancer but also destroy the interior furniture of your house.

A window tint disallows the entry of these harmful rays, and thus, serves as a protector of your health and your home.

Gives an Improved Aesthetic Look to Your House

You'd be surprised to find out that window tints are customizable. You get to choose their strength and how well they fit with your house.

Window tints can give your home an aesthetic and mature look. Sounds cool, doesn't it?

Reduces Glare

Glare occurs when too much light enters your eyes, and they can't properly view anything. Sunlight produces glare, and your untinted windows do nothing to stop it.

A tinted window would reduce the glare by reflecting the glare and excessive sunlight to the external environment, allowing proper clarity in vision.

Twin Cities 3M Residential Window Tinting Services

If you’re looking for ways to lower your home’s energy costs, consider installing 3M window film to all of your windows. From decorative film options to security film, we offer options to improve the comfort level and safety of every home.

Visit our gallery online to learn more about our options. To order your residential window tinting, contact our office at 651.490.1060, or connect with us on the web to set up your installation.