America’s commercial drivers are the arterial force that keeps this country running. They spend far more time in their vehicles than most Americans, and safety while on the road is usually at the forefront of their minds. But they’re usually so focused on road safety that they don’t realize there are other hazards to themselves while they’re out on the highway.


With all of that time behind the wheel, it’s easy to forget about safety issues like UV rays while you’re keeping our country’s cargo moving. At Sun Control of Minnesota, we specialize in providing high-performance automotive window tint to both personal and commercial vehicles. In this article, we’ll discuss how automotive window tint can keep you or your commercial drivers safe behind the wheel.


Here are three ways commercial automotive tint can protect you while out on the road:


1.      Skin and heat protection

When you’re behind the wheel without window tinting, you’re getting exposed directly to the sun’s rays. All of that UV energy can end up increasing your chances of developing a cancerous melanoma even in the winter. The summer heat can also cause you to feel headaches or overheat your body.


Fortunately, ceramic window film provides drivers with high-performance protection for all kinds of heat and light. In fact, it rejects up nearly all of the sun’s UV rays and as much as 53 percent of the heat coming into your vehicle. This means you’ll also be able to enjoy greater comfort overall while you’re driving for work.


2.      Shatter resistance

You can be the safest driver on the highway, but that doesn’t mean everyone around you is; accidents can happen. From other drivers to animals on the highway, accidents can happen to anyone. It’s how you prepare for the possibility that protects you.


When your windows are coated with 3M automotive window tinting, they become able to maintain their integrity even if they’re impacted and shattered. This is due to the adhesive holding them together.


3.      Glare reduction

Glare from the sun accounts for a surprising amount of auto accidents. When you’re driving through the Midwest, both summertime and winter pose equal threats when it comes to glare. In the summer, the sun can be bright enough that it’s difficult to see around midday. But in the winter, the sun’s reflection off the snow can be just as dangerous.


Fortunately, with 3M automotive window tinting, you’ll enjoy reduced glare so you can see clearly to drive. This reduces the chance of an accident and creates a far more comfortable ride.


Twin Cities 3M Commercial Window Tinting Services

If you’re an individual commercial driver who owns your own truck, high-performance automotive window tinting is a necessity you can’t overlook. If you’re a commercial business with a fleet of vehicles, installing commercial auto tint can keep your drivers safer and protect your investment.


Our commercial window tinting services also include decorative and security film for storefronts and offices. You can also visit our gallery to learn more about our auto services. Find out more about our window tinting solutions by giving our team a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online to set up your window tint installation appointment.