Whether you’re a school administrator, therapist, or banking industry professional, your office is where you spend much of your time. It also sets the tone for how your clients or colleagues feel when they’re meeting with you. That’s why it’s important to create a space for your office that makes you and anyone in it as comfortable as possible.


Adding high-quality art to your walls is essential to creating a warm and inviting space where you’ll enjoy working and your clients will feel welcome. But wall art can be expensive, which is why printed canvas is a perfect alternative to create a beautiful space to work in every day. In this article, our printed canvas professionals at Sun Control of Minnesota talk about how you can create a beautiful office space with printed canvas wall art.


Printed Canvas as an Alternative to Traditional Art

Typically, when designing an office interior, most people think inside the box. They’ll turn to mass-produced prints of traditional art, which can be both expensive and mundane. Printed canvas is a better option than mass-produced posters because it looks fantastic and gives your office the timeless look of canvas. It’s also an art option that resists warping and is lightweight and easy to hang.


When we print your canvas art, we stretch it over frames that will remain taut over the years and keep their beautiful look. All of our canvas art is printed using high-grade printers and then coated with lacquer to preserve its appearance.


Deciding What to Print

When it comes to what you’ll print on your canvas wall art, the biggest limitation is your imagination. Wall art is a great way to add to your company’s brand image or to create a theme in a space.


These are a few of our most popular wall art ideas:


1.      Scenic images

If you’ve got a favorite vacation spot, why not enjoy looking at it during the workday? Consider printing images of your special place so you can share images of your annual vacation with your colleagues and clients long after the plane lands.


2.      Favorite Hobbies

Do you collect classic cars? Images of your custom vintage Mustang or Vespa can add a little fun to your workday. It’s also a great way to get clients to relax and open up. If you’re an experienced fisherman, consider adding images of lures or the lake to your space.


3.      Meaningful quotations

Do you have a favorite author? A special quote that keeps you going? Quotes as art can be simple and elegant ways to increase interest in a space.


4.      Reminders of your family

You can’t bring your kids to work, and your workplace walls are no refrigerator door. But printing some of your kids’ art can add a heartwarming touch in your office space. Or consider adding a print of your favorite family photo.


Twin Cities Printed Canvas Experts

If you’re looking for an affordable and attractive way to jazz up your office space, printed canvas is a great way to bring your imagination into your workplace. From daycare centers to medical facilities, printed canvas is one of the most popular options for wall art. Create a space you’ll love coming to work in without breaking the budget.


Our commercial printing experts also offer decorative and security film and decorative film for Twin Cities offices. Talk to our graphics team about designing a look for your space by giving us a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with a member of our team online to find out more about our options.